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Becoming Self Reliant

Becoming self reliant sounds more like something you would hear an old timer talk about when they refer to the good old days and how they survived during the great depression. However, with the current down turn in the economy more families are struggling just to put food on their tables consistently or to make ends meet so they can pay their bills. This is why it is important to learn some of the old time skills which will allow a person to become more independent. This is due to the fact that they will be able to provide more of the goods and services they use for themselves without relying on the traditional methods of purchasing everything from a convince store.

When times get hard they tend to bring out the best in people such as ingenuity, initiative and invention. This is usually when families learn that working together is the best way for all of them to get ahead or make it. Of course, the first step each family needs to take is to prepare a plan and then implement it. This usually starts out with acquiring an emergency manual which will educate them on how and what to prepare if there should ever be an emergency. The best plan anyone can create is an offensive type of plan where they will be prepared before a disaster strikes. This gives them the time necessary to acquire all of the supplies they might need to have on hand when or if an emergency should arise which will allow them to be more self reliant even in tough times.

As part of the planning stage they need to decide if they are going to grow a garden or raise animals because these are an intricate part of becoming self reliant. One of the biggest considerations that needs to be contemplated is how much help they expect to have when they create their plan. This is because one person can only do so much by themselves. When creating a plan it is important to be as realistic as possible because otherwise they could be setting themselves up for failure.

The next consideration when creating their plan to become self reliant is that they will not waste money on supplies or equipment that they do not need. However, no two families are exactly alike which is why there is why there is no need to not copy someone else's plan exactly. Which is why they need to modify the generic guide to suit their own families likes, dislikes or needs.

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