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Volcano II Collapsible Stove with Propane Attachment
Volcano Grill Emergency Stove

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Volcano Grill – The Emergency Stove

Besides having a Survival Kit / Emergency Kit or two a means to cook foods, sterilize water, and have a source of heat can be a life saver. The Volcano – Emergency Stove is the perfect solution. It offers three different fuel options and stows away easily. Also, pots and pan can be used on it as well.

During long periods of power and/or natural gas outages due to extreme weather, natural disasters or man made disasters, having the ability to cook food and heat water for drinking and bathing could become essential for survival. The construction of the Volcano – Emergency Stove is extremely sturdy and can hold almost 400 pounds. This is great for heating large amounts of water at one time, if needed.

The Volcano – Emergency Stove folds semi-flat to only five inches and comes with a handy carrying/storage case. There are also several accessories available, such as a cover if you want to keep it up in the grill position. There is also a cookbook, leg extensions, roasting rack and more.

The top grilling grate can be removed so woks and Dutch ovens can be used with ease. The fact that wood, charcoals, and propane gas can be used with the grill makes it very versatile and another reason it is an important addition to anyone’s emergency/survival gear. For instance, one could get trapped in their neighborhood due to flooding or debris blocking the roadways and cannot get to a store to buy propane. This will not be an issue for the Volcano – Emergency Stove as wood and/or charcoal can be used instead.

The Volcano – Emergency Stove is not only a means to heat and cook food and water, but can also be used as a source of heat. For this reason those living in regions prone to blizzard conditions and those in the coastal regions should keep at least one on hand.

As mentioned already, water sterilization is absolutely vital to human survival. This is especially true for those with infants. Without clean water babies could become deathly ill from pathogens and contaminants in the water, such as human waste in flood waters. The infirmed and elderly are also highly susceptible to diseases too.

The Volcano is also popular with hunters, campers, tailgaters and for regular use at home. With the multiple applications the Volcano – Emergency Stove offers, it could easily be compared to an Army or survivalists knife/multi-tool. The Volcano will prove it is just as necessary.

How do I use each fuel?

Propane - Set the stove on a level surface. Completely open the adjustable vents to allow the maximum air flow. Your Propane Attachment Kit instruction manual will help you setup the stove for use with propane. Place the fire source (matches, lighter, etc.) at the lip of the burner. Slowly turn on the gas supply. The fire source will ignite the gas. Included is a heat deflector plate that is designed to be placed directly on the burner cradle to assist in even heat generation. 

Charcoal - Set the stove on a level surface. Completely open the adjustable vents to allow the maximum air flow. We recommend placing the charcoal in a compact, single layer (15-25 briquettes) on the bottom grate. Apply a small amount of lighter fluid to each briquette and light. The briquettes should be ready to cook within 15 minutes.

The amount of heat produced is controlled by the adjustable air vent. With the vent in the open position, more heat is produced and the briquettes last for a shorter period of time. When the vent is in the closed position, less heat is produced and the briquettes last for a longer period of time.  

Wood - Set the stove on a level surface. Completely open the adjustable vents to allow the maximum air flow. Place your wood fuel inside the heat chamber on the bottom grate and light. Filling the stove higher may allow the flame to exceed outside the confines of the stove or produce excessive heat. 
Caution: Do not fill the stove more than 1/4 of the way full with woodUse discretion when using wood to heat/cook, as excessive heat may cause damage to the stove and cooking surfaces.

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