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Canned Garden Seeds

People that are prepared for a natural disaster or disruption in the food supply will store food and water. People that are well prepared will store food and water and be able to grow their own food through canned garden seeds as well. Many people prepare for emergencies with the assumption that the emergency will pass in time and everything will go back to normal. However, there is never a guarantee of being able to shop at supermarket again or getting outside food. So while having s supply of food and water is a great starting point, it may not be enough.

When stored food runs out or the same meal has been eaten dozens or hundreds of times, the only people who will have options in what they eat will be those who grow their own food. When buying canned garden seeds for emergency preparedness, it is absolutely crucial to determine if they are genetically modified or hybrid seeds. In an effort to boost sales, many commercial seed producers only sell seeds that will become useless after one planting. This would be devastating for a person or family to discover if they are counting on those seeds for survival. There is very little point in storing hybrid or genetically modified seeds since they will only provide one harvest.

Garden Survival Seeds come with 13 or 20 different varieties, and can help people survive long after their original food has run out. These seeds are packaged to protect them from spoiling or becoming inviable, and they are not hybrid seeds. This means the seeds can be replanted and the seeds from the vegetables that are harvested will be able to be planted as well, ensuring food security for years. Choosing high quality vegetable seeds is vital, since it would horrible to plant a garden and laboriously nurture it only to grow tiny or mealy produce.

People that store canned garden seeds should make sure to store a variety of different seeds for vegetables and fruits. While someone may love tomatoes and corn now, after a number of weeks with no other vegetables, they will likely be crying out for some variety. Different vegetables also provide nutrients and minerals, so only eating a few kinds may lead to deficiencies that can cause health problems.

Another concern in seed varieties is their planting season. Some vegetables cannot grow during the summer, while others cannot grow during the winter. People should make sure that their canned garden seeds contain a number of vegetables and fruits from different growing seasons. This way they can ensure healthy, homegrown produce all year long instead of relying on the same crops to last a whole year. People that plan to can, preserve and store the vegetables they grow should also be aware of how these vegetables need to be stored, and how to rotate their crops and planting cycles so there is not a massive harvest of fresh cucumbers that quickly spoil because there were too many to be eaten and no proper way to store them.
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