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Sleep When the Wind Blows

A farmer needed an extra hand to help on his farm. One young man came to interview for the job. "What are your qualifications?" the farmer asked. "I can sleep when the wind blows," the young man said. This simple reply confused the farmer, but he was desperate for help and the young man was hired.

The young man was a diligent worker through the harvest season, but the farmer still questioned his answer.

Autumn ended and the first cold storm of winter came late one night. The farmer panicked as the winds began to blow. Calling the young man for help, the farmer grabbed his coat and pulled heavy boots on his feet. He was disappointed to find the young man asleep in bed at a time like this. Grudgingly he ventured out alone planning to shuffle all of the animals in the barn and then fix that last hole in the roof. He mumbled about the young man sleeping and was sure all the farm equipment was left standing in the field, collecting rust from the snow.

However, when the farmer reached the barn all the animals were tucked safely inside. In fact, clean hay had already been set out for the new day. Not a single hole could be found in the roof, and the tractor was parked perfectly in the shed.

"Who could have done it?" the farmer wondered. And then, he realized what the young man's answer meant, "I can sleep when the wind blows."

Can You Sleep When The Winds of Uncertainty Blows?

Mother Nature can sometimes lash out with amazing strength and fury that can leave you afraid of the outcome. Raging storms are quite scary to some, but they don't need to keep you up all night if you prepare.

When the wind rises to levels that seem to shake your whole house, it can leave you in a panic. But knowing what's coming and being ready for it can make it much easier to deal with.

Severe thunderstorms bring winds that can spawn tornadoes and extreme damage to trees and houses. The relentless winds of a hurricane can go on for hours on end, pushing everything in their path to the breaking point. Paying attention to the weather and being prepared for what is coming, can make the ordeal much less stressful.

A great item to have in your possession is a Weather Alert Radio. When you know bad weather is on the way, such as a severe thunderstorm or tornado watch, set your radio for automatic alerts. If anything threatening is on it's way, the radio will sound an alert to let you know what to be ready for. You can just set it to inform you, and sleep easily knowing that if anything is headed your way the radio will wake you with a warning.

Weather Alert Radios are excellent for power outages also. You can purchase one that runs on batteries, but also runs by turning a handle in case your batteries die. You crank up the power and you won't be disconnected from the outside world in case of emergency.

If the wind frightens you because of large trees that are around your house, try to relax in a room that is furthest from the trees, or one that has no windows. Stay on the lower level of your house instead of upstairs near the roof, where the winds will seem much stronger.

Sleeping when the wind blows can be difficult for children as well, since they may be scared of what is coming. Put some soft music on for them to sleep to, so they can't hear the raging winds as easily. You can have a "fun night" by moving everyone into a family room or safe room for a slumber party. If you feel you will lose power, light candles and turn the lights out. Then if the power suddenly goes off, it won't scare the children as much.

If you are aware ahead of time that strong winds will be heading your way, be sure to check outside your house for anything that might blow around. Securing these items or placing them in a garage or shed might save you some broken windows during the storm. It can also help from scaring you in the night when these items crash against the outside of your home.

You can sleep easily when the wind blows if you prepare and listen for bad storms coming your way. Don't be caught off guard in a storm.
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