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Freeze Dried Food

Are you looking for ways to prepare for the unexpected events of the future? Do you need a way to store food for years to come? Have you ever thought about freeze dried food? There are a few different reasons why you should have freeze dried foods on hand, some of which will be listed below. You need to prepare for the future and have all of your ducks in a row, instead of waiting until it is too late to prepare yourself.

When you use freeze dried foods you are able to store the food and ignore it. You will have food that is going to last for 25 years, so there is no need to worry about anything expiring anytime soon. The hassle of having to rotate your foods is long gone, because this food will last long after you can even imagine. If 25 years is not enough time, then I am not sure how much longer you could possibly ask for.

The food tastes great. You will be amazed at some of the choices that are available to you. It is not just about food either, since there is dessert available as well. You can have a complete meal all rolled into freeze dried foods, so you will not be missing out on anything in the foods that you love to eat.

You donít need to have a huge amount of space for your freeze dried foods. Since they are extremely compact, you will be able to place large amounts of food in a smaller space. If you decide to move into a different home, you will be able to take these with you without having to worry about any hassles or extra fuss.

The cost effectiveness of freeze dried foods alone will amaze you. You can save about four times as much money compared to traditional food storage. Who wouldnít want to save money and put it into their pocket?

When you need to utilize one of these freeze dried meals the preparation is a breeze. It is literally so simple a child could prepare one of these meals. You will never have to feel as if you are rushed for meal preparation because the freeze dried foods take the hard work out of meals for you. How much more convenient could you possibly get?

You will never again have to feel as if you are rushed to make a meal. You can have everything you need in one convenient location when you choose to incorporate freeze dried foods into your home. Check out everything that we have available for you to store in your home. You are sure to find something that your family will love to eat. There has never been a better time than now to start preparing for the future because you never know what the future holds in store for you.

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

A big part of being prepared for an emergency is having the right supplies with you before the emergency occurs. When people hear that a storm is going to hit, they sometimes have the time to drive to the store and buy provisions. Most of the time, however, this is just not possible. They have to survive with whatever they have in their home already. You will be much more relaxed and confident, knowing that you are safe, if you have a food storage compartment that is always ready for just such an event.

It is hard to store food because it can go bad so quickly. You cannot keep many things, even in cans, for more than a few months. After that, you need to go out and replace the items that you have not yet consumed. As you can imagine, this is not a good way to prepare for an emergency. You would waste a lot of food and a lot of money. If you forgot to throw out the old items, you could find yourself unable to eat anything even though you thought that you were ready for the disaster. The solution is to use freeze dried foods. These can provide you with all of the nourishment that you need, and they last for a long time.

A quick look at Mountain House freeze dried food will show you that there are many different options. You can choose from chicken soup, scrambled eggs with bacon, or beef stew for your main course. In order to round the meal out a little bit more, you can get freeze dried fruit such as strawberries or bananas. The fruit comes in pouches that are very convenient and easy to open. The soup comes in cans, so it is a good idea to have a can opener in your food storage area along with all of the food.

You want to have such a wide variety of foods for a number of reasons. First of all, this can just help to keep people content in a difficult situation. Perhaps a blizzard has trapped you in your home, far from any sort of help or assistance. This will be a tense time for you and your family because it will be very difficult to keep from thinking about when help will arrive. If people are hungry and irritable, they will not get along and they will make the situation worse. You need to have something for everyone so that no one goes hungry.

It is also important to get Mountain House freeze dried food with such variety because this helps your body get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that it needs. In an emergency, you will have a lot of causes for stress. You need to make sure that your body has been well fed so that it can perform at a high level. Survival will be much easier if you are eating everything that your body needs to be healthy.

Freeze Dried Food - Easy to Prepare

These freeze dried foods are quick and easy to prepare - just add hot water, wait 10 minutes, and a complete meal is ready! Mountain House freeze dried foods taste superior to other products because we start with fresh or frozen foods, then cook and prepare them, and then freeze-dry them. All of the flavor and taste as if we'd just been made from scratch. Mountain House freeze dried foods tastes as close to fresh or frozen as you can get. Click on any of these categories to see products.

Why did we choose Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods?

A very good question with a simple answer - they make the best-tasting and highest quality freeze dried foods available anywhere! Following are a few important details about freeze drying and Mountain House foods. Freeze dried foods offer many advantages.

Most people enjoy the taste of fresh frozen foods compared to canned foods they buy in the store. The same comparison can be made with freeze-dried and dehydrated foods. Foods that have been freeze dried retain the taste, texture, shape and look of fresh frozen foods. It also locks in the freshness, vitamins, nutrients, color, and aroma of fresh frozen foods while providing the shelf-stable convenience of canned and dehydrated foods.

Food Emergency

Emergencies can take many forms, from storms to power outages. Keeping food on hand for emergencies protects you in the same way as insurance on your home or auto - for the unexpected. With Mountain House freeze dried foods in your food reserve, you can be ready for just about any unexpected crisis. Imagine, for instance, what a lifesaver these foods can be when your electric power is knocked out for several days by a storm. With Mountain House products on hand and a one-burner stove or candle to heat water (cold water can be used in a pinch), you can still enjoy a hot, satisfying meal in less than 10 minutes. Having a private food reserve makes a lot of sense. Good sense for both financial and security reasons. Use pouches for limited short-term emergencies. Use cans for potential extended emergencies, or an emergency situation affecting a lot of people..

25 Year Shelf-Life

Mountain House freeze-dried foods are packed in airtight NITROGEN PACKED #10 cans or pouches. Up to 98% of the residual oxygen has been removed. Our unique canning process uses both vacuum oxygen removal and nitrogen flushing. This is a time consuming and slightly more costly process...but well worth it. It is the same process mandated by the U.S. Military for whom we also can. Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods has a shelf life of up to 25 years! Each of our cans is coated with a protective enamel inside and out for double protection, including the lid. The cans contents are protected until you are ready to open and use them. After opening, we recommend using the contents within 1 to 2 weeks for best results and taste; using the convenient resealable plastic lid between uses. Treat any leftover food as you would fresh food.

Taste the Difference!

Mountain House freeze dried foods taste superior to competitive products because we actually start with fresh or frozen foods, then cook and prepare them, and finally freeze-dry them ourselves. All the goodness, flavor, and taste are locked in just if you had hand-made them yourself from scratch. In comparison, other food companies do not freeze-dry or cook their own foods. They blend the dry components of other companies and package them. Mountain House foods tastes as close to fresh, frozen, or better, as you can get. Backpackers, for example, consistently rate us #1 year after year as the best tasting foods and ease of preparation..

The Freeze Drying Process

Freeze drying has several advantages over other food preservation methods. Frozen foods retain fresh flavor and nutritional value, where as dehydrated and canned foods are shelf-stable, but high-temperature processing can degrade flavor, texture and nutritional content. Freeze drying combines the best of these two methods. It preserves freshness, color and taste similar to frozen food, while providing the shelf-stable convenience of canned or dehydrated food. Freeze-dried foods:

Storing food for an emergency is a vital part of emergency preparedness. Unfortunately, storing fresh food is not an option for long-term emergency preparations since the food needs to stay edible for months or years to be ready when an emergency occurs. While a lot of people choose dehydrated food, freeze dried food is great option as well. It prevents food from spoiling for years when packaged properly, reduces the weight of the food for easy carrying and storing, as well as retaining almost all of the flavor and texture of the food.

The basic idea behind freeze drying is to freeze the food and the liquid inside and then sublimate the water into a gas. This removes the bacteria and mold and yeast that leads to food spoiling, making the food last for around five years like in the Mountain House Beef Stew Pro-Pak, and up to 25 years in the Mountain House 45 Day Food Reserve. Freeze dried food is generally preferred by campers and backpackers since the food is very light and does not take up much space while offering convenience and delicious meals.

A typical free drying machine will have unfrozen food placed on shelves. The machine then lowers the temperature to freeze the food, which will separate the water molecules within the food. Once the food is frozen, a vacuum turns on to suck the air out the food chamber. This lowers the pressure around the food to aid in the sublimation process. A heating unit then turns on to very slightly warm the shelves the food rests on. This temperature change will cause the ice to change phase, which combined with the low pressure means the water molecules turn from a solid state of ice into a water vapor, or gas, that then leaves the food and condenses on the shelves. The process can take several hours or days to be completed to ensure that the food is sufficiently dried to avoid spoiling. Rushing the freeze drying process can lead to the water not being completely removed from the food and can degrade the quality of the food or shorten its shelf life.

An extremely tiny amount of liquid is retained during the freeze drying process, which is why freeze dried food usually has a shorter shelf life than dehydrated food. However, the flavor and taste and texture of a freeze dried meal is almost indistinguishable from fresh frozen or even fresh food. All of the minerals and nutrients are also retained in the meal, so there is no concern about nutritional deficiencies in an emergency.

Any freeze dried food that is purchased needs to come from a trusted supplier, since incorrectly freeze dried food or food that has not been prepared long enough can spoil quickly or make people sick. The Mountain House "The Bounty" Food Reserve has a 25 year shelf life, can feed one adult for six months and comes from one of the most trusted names in emergency food storage and freeze drying to provide peace of mind and safety when an emergency strikes.

  • Taste fresh Freeze dried foods retain virtually all their fresh-food taste and nutritional content. Freeze drying removes the water, not the flavor.
  • Look fresh Freeze dried foods maintain their original shape and texture, unlike dehydrated foods, which shrink and shrivel due to high-temperature processing. Just add water, and in minutes every fresh food detail returns.
  • Less weight Freeze-dried foods have 98% of their water removed, which reduces the food's weight by about 90%.
  • Stay fresh  Freeze-dried foods can be stored at room temperature, without deterioration or spoilage. This is because freeze-drying and packaging remove both water and oxygen - the two primary causes of food deterioration.

Just In Case...72-Hour Kit

To help you prepare for an emergency, we have introduced Mountain House "Just In Case...", a complete 72-hour food unit of Mountain House freeze dried foods consisting of three (3) full meals a day. "Just In Case ..." starts you and your family off on the road to disaster preparedness, and gives you the satisfaction of knowing you won't go hungry in an emergency. If you want to store the best...look no further than...Mountain House.

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