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Home Survival Kit

A home survival kit includes essential items such as food, water, first aid kit and other survival items. It is a valuable tool that should be kept at easy access. Remember the everyday basics that we use such as tap water and frequent trips to the store may not be available in the time of an emergency or disaster. This is why having an up-to-date home survival kit is so vital.
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Ever run out of the house without your drivers license? Of course this realization doesnt dawn on you until you see the flashing lights behind your vehicle. You dont feel very prepared to face the consequences.  Unlike speeding down the highway and getting a ticket, flash floods, hurricanes and earthquakes are not of your doing. However in the same sense you do need to be prepared to face the consequences. Keep a home survival kit and emergency blankets in the trunk of your car in case you get caught in an on - road emergency. Keep enough spending cash handy just in case.

The water that comes from your kitchen tap may not be safe to drink in an emergency disaster.  In most of our home survival kit packs youll find water purification tablets that can be used to clean contaminated water.  Do you have a  home 72 hour kit as well? Keep a 72 hour kit in a easily accessible place in case of emergency. When some disasters strike you may have to leave your home/town. A 72 hour kit will be of most use at that time, having 72 hours worth of supplies in the time of need.  Ever have babysitters over? Be sure to let them know where the home emergency kit is located. Write down your emergency phone numbers so that they can keep you informed if any emergency should arise. Always remember to keep you survival kit, home survival kit, emergency kit and 72 hour kit all stocked and ready-to-use.  Check expiration dates often and replace necessary items.  A home survival kit wont be of much use if things are out-of-date or missing. Our home survival kit as well as all our other survival kits come with the necessities you need to survive any emergency or disaster.

How to be prepared? That is a good question. It is a good idea to  learn the steps of preparedness so you can be more self-reliant. Some keys points of being prepared for an emergency or disaster is:

Having a disaster plan. When you plan a business trip you feel more prepared for what comes your way. A disaster plan gives you that same peace of mind because you are prepared even if you dont know what may happen.

Ask yourself these questions:

  Do you  and your loved ones know where you will meet if you get separated?

  Do you have an emergency buddy system (planning that all goes as planned.)

  What do the kids do in case of a fire?

  Do they know the fire drill for the home?

  Do you have a home survival kit and 72 hour kit?

  Do all family members know where they are located?

There are many questions to ask oneself in preparation for an emergency. Stay informed with your local weather station. Know what precautions to take on your home. What hazards and risks is your home vulnerable too?  Are you located in a common flooding area? Be alert to the weather conditions and surroundings of your home.  Better late then never start preparing now. Having a disaster plan for you and your family is your responsibility.   Being armed with a disaster plan for your family will insure you that you can make the best out of any event that comes your way. Write down emergency phone numbers. Practice your personalized  disaster plan with your family. Keep a written disaster plan in each survival kit.  Make sure that every family member knows the who,what,when,where and why of your disaster plan. Something that is very necessary to every disaster plan is  having a home survival kit.

What is classified as an emergency? Anything that is an unexpected situation often dangerous and/or hazardous to a persons health and well-being. The outcome of effective preparedness is the medicine in an emergency. Our home survival kit offers exactly what you need. Effective emergency supplies all in one place so you will be prepared for any disaster that comes your way.

Remember! With every purchase you get a free 46 page emergency preparedness guidebook. "How to Prepare For Any Disaster"

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