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Food Storage

Our Food Storage products are guaranteed
fresh. Many of our dehydrated food storage products store up to 30 years. Our freeze dried Mountain House food storage products store up to 25 years.
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Food Storage

Food storage is one of the most important things that a family needs to learn about when they are planning on becoming self sufficient. A good food storage plan encompasses more than one type of food storage to meet the needs of the family. However, each family will need to decide how much food they need to store and the type of food they are going to store. Then they need to plan out where they will store it and the methods in which they will use to store the food they want.

Dehydrating food is the process of eliminating the most of the water out of the food which makes it lighter in weight and allows it to be able to keep for a longer period of time when stored properly. Dehydrating the food also makes the food take up less space because it does not have the volume of the water in the food any longer. This is why it is so appealing to backpackers who are contentious about the weight and space of the food they will need to carry for longer backpacking trips.

Pressure canning is a common method of food storage which has been around for many years. It allows a family to keep a combination of produce or meat that they have harvested for longer periods of time than some of the other methods of food storage. However, pressure canning can be dangerous if the food is not processed for the proper amount of time. Therefore, before they start pressure canning they should consult a guide which will explain the proper procedure and processing time for each type of food that they are planning to pressure can.

Smoking is an old method of curing the meat to prep it for storage. However this method is seldom used today because the invention of refrigeration has replaced the need.

Freezing is a common method of storing meat for several months at a time. However it is ineffective when the power goes out for more than a few hours. Once the meat begins to thaw it is not safe to freeze again and it will only keep for a few days which means it will either need to be used or thrown out.

A root cellar is an underground room that is used to store fresh produce and canned food to keep them for longer periods of time. However, most people now days find it easier to keep their food in the house in a refrigerator and cabinets instead of bothering with a root cellar.

Creating a good food storage plan can seem like a daunting task. However, if it is broken down into smaller segments it will be more manageable. This is why families should work out a plan that starts with planning for one day, three days, a week, a month and then a year. Once they have mastered the food storage plan they will be that much closer to becoming independent.

Freeze dried foods & dehydrated foods are among the most common in emergency & survival food storage. Here you will find the items to meet your long term emergency food storage needs. Packed in #10 Cans, Cases, Food Storage Units and Pouches, our freeze dried & dehydrated foods have a shelf life of up to 30 years!

Do you know the 7 Steps to Food Storage?

1) Where to Store Your Food Storage?

Where to Locate Your Home Food Store
Finding the Best Conditions for Food Storage
Choosing Your Most Convenient Space
The Basement
Under the stairways
The Garage
The Attic
The Utility Room
The Kitchen

Ideas for Tight Quarters and Apartment Dwellers
Under the Bed

As End Tables and Coffee Tables

2) What and How Much Food Storage should you have on hand?

Do you know how much food you need for 1 year
Click here to use our
Food Storage Calculator 

3) How to Store Food Storage
How to Store Bulk Food Storage items - Storage Containers
5 or 6 Gallon Plastic Buckets or Pails
#10 Size Double Enamel
Mylar Bags
Oxygen Absorber Packets
The Dry Ice Method

CO2 and Nitrogen Flush Method
Bay Leaves Method
Freezing Grain Method
Diatomaceous Earth Method

4) How Long Will Food Storage Last?
Shelf Life

5) Rotation and Deterioration of Food Storage
Causes of Deterioration and Spoilage
Humidity and Moisture
Prevention of Deterioration and Spoilage
Oxygen Absorber Packets
Dry Ice Method
CO2 or Nitrogen Flush Method
Bay Leaves Method
Freezing Grain Method
Diatomaceous Earth Method
Using the Right Food Storage Containers
6) How to use Food Storage

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