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What Is the Difference Between Dehydrated Food and Freeze Dried Food?

Dehydrated and freeze dried foods both have a longer shelf life than fresh foods. If you are thinking about building up your food storage you may choose to use a combination of the two foods to stock your pantry. It is important to consider both the price of the foods, and the way you are going to use the foods in the future. The processes to prepare the foods are different as well as the taste and storage guidelines.

 Freeze dried foods are dried through freezing the water in the food, and those using an evaporation process that uses extremely cold temperatures to remove the water. This leaves the foods tasting fresh. It also helps to keep the vitamins and nutrients locked into the food. Many people love to eat freeze-dried strawberries or other fruits because they taste the same as fresh fruits. The shelf life on free dried foods ranges between ten and fifteen years for most products. The type of packaging either pouches or cans, can affect how long the products will last. There may be a wider variety of freeze-dried foods because the process works better on some products such as broccoli, than the dehydration process.

Dehydrated foods use a type of heat to dry out the foods. The process takes longer, and the food changes in appearance. Some people say that the taste is drastically different, but many people enjoy eating dehydrated bananas and apples and other fruits. The dehydrated food has a longer storage life of up to twenty-five years in the cans. The cost of dehydrated foods is often lower. These foods are easy to reconstitute, if you simply follow the directions on the cans. Some dehydrated foods are made into mixes, such as soup mixes or TVP, which is a meat substitute. There are also mixes for pancakes, muffins and cakes you can purchase.

The best approach to planning your food storage is to buy a wide variety of items. You can purchase both freeze-dried and dehydrated food to meet your familyís dietary needs. One option is to buy a variety pack of freeze-dried meals and a starter pack of dehydrated foods. You can incorporate these foods in your every day cooking to try them out and to help your family become used to the food. As you do this you will find the foods that your family loves the most and be able to build food storage you family will actually eat.

When you prepare your 72-hour emergency kit you may want to include more freeze dried meals because they are lightweight and easy to carry. They also pack down smaller than some dehydrated foods that are stored in cans. When you plan your emergency kit you should include water to drink, as well as water to rehydrate your meals. If you cannot store enough water, be sure to pack a means of purifying the water so you can enjoy your meals safely.
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