The following are unsolicited comments from our satisfied customers.
This web site was by far the most comprehensive and helpful.
- C Carter

Just wanted to drop a line in thanks to your prompt service in filling and delivering my order. It showed up within your specified timeline. Thank you and I look forward to conducting further business with you in the future.
- Jonathan

Thanks very much for your prompt response! I appreciate it........... You can bet that I'll recommend your website to others. Thanks again.
- J. Bricker

Thank you. I will definitely do business with you again and I am recommending your company to my friends!
- A. Davis

Guidebook Testimonials

The following are unsolicited comments from some of the people that have downloaded our guidebook which has been distributed over 100,000 times around the world.
As a professional trainer and speaker I have found your downloadable Emergency Preparedness manual to be very informative and handy.
- James, Arkansas

I would like to say that I am very impressed and thankful for the Handbook available on your website. I have used it to develop a Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Response Program for our landscape architecture office of 12. Needless to say we are all using it to develop programs at home, as well.
- Jeanne, California

Thank you very much, the book is quite helpful... I am in administration for a mental health boarding home and the disaster packets I have received are very minimal, yours however was incredible! Thank you!!!
- Richard, New York

While looking for information on disaster preparedness, I found your "How to Prepare for any Disaster" guidebook offered free of charge on your web site. Our chief of staff was impressed with the material and would like every employee to have a copy (about 550 individuals).
- Michael, Pennsylvania
My name is Carlos E. I read your booklet and found it very usefull. I live in Bogota D.C Colombia; we are located in a very dangerous seismic area and specially for this region is predicted an Earthquake that could hapens any time this days according scientific studies. I would like to translate your Booklet into spanish in order to contribute positively to my community and to aware a lot of people that at the moment are confused and donīt know what to do and how to react in such a case. Is it possible to get your authorization for translating this worthy information for free to our community? I and our people would appreciate it very much and hope to hear from you soon this related.  Carlos, Colombia
I live in the Washington D.C. area and am hosting an Emergency Preparedness fair and would like the opportunity to distribute your guidebook to those in attendence.  I am the Chairman for my organizations emergency preparedness auxiliary and have found your book to be one of the most thorough available. Barry M. Washington D.C.
This book is wonderful. I work at Chirldren's Hospital of Philadelphia
and am in IT - Business Continuity Planning.  Thanks so much.
I would like to thank you for creating such a great resource.  I am the Webelos leader for four Webelos and have decided this would be perfect for them.  Most of the work is at the level a 5th grader could understand.
Hi, my name is Dario V. I come from Italy Rome.
I am try to prepare a plan for emergency so I think you can help me.
Dario, Italy
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"WOW! This is service at it’s best. I did not expect a response until next week. First class service, thank you. I will be purchasing more supplies for the rest of the family."

—Thank you very much. Rick S

"Good customer service like this will keep your customers coming back. I'll be ordering again soon. Thanks again, I remain Respectfully."

—Judy L.

"Thank you so much! I want to let you know that you guys have been excellent! Great products and shipping. Again, thank you!"

—Jennie P

"Thank you very much: Kat and I appreciate your promptness and professionalism by replacing the damaged pancake mixes as quickly as you did. We will be looking at you for a few more items in the very near future..."

—Thanks again Dave & Kat

"I want to express my appreciation and tell you how grateful I am for your quick response. Everything looks good and we are very pleased with our purchase."

—Chris B

"Just wanted to let you know that we received the order on Wednesday! Thank you so much again for all your help."

—Cyndi P

"Thank you very much, we appreciate the quick response."

—Vince C

"Thanks. You guys have been very professional."

—Joseph M